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Voilà collects, refines and sharpens the imagery of Operettas 0, 1, 2, 3, and brings to a close the cycle of research into theatrical figures of folk tradition, begun with the production Opera. Puppets and a puppet booth are deployed in the prologue. The booth promptly falls apart and reveals the puppeteer inside: a precursor metaphor that kicks off an endless series of stage prop collapses and emotional breakdowns.
The main scene features a series of eyelids drawing open to reveal the iris of a big eye. During the performance, it slowly falls apart until we left looking at the bare walls of the theater. Machine-driven events carry the show along.
Stage figures also undergo a complete metamorphosis ending in catharsis.
Through violin and live voice vibratos, Mr. Punch mediates between visual stage events and the audience, wrecking the formality of pure form and revealing the nucleus; a ‘Tiepolo’ Pulcinella undresses, showing us the frail body of a dancer beneath the artifice of her costume armor; makeup flakes off the face of the White Clown and he makes a gift to the audience of the last glint of light; a trained monkey starts his workout even though the stage is reduced to a pile of rubble.
concept, direction, scenes, lights vincenzo schino - with marta bichisao, riccardo capozza, gaetano liberti, h.e.r. – set design and stagecraft emiliano austeri - choreography marta bichisao - music composition and adaptation, violin and voice  h.e.r. - sound engineering luca fusconi – lyric voice rurie ogata - costumes michele napoletano, morena bagattini – plastic effects leonardo cruciano workshop - administration cronopios – organization marco betti e teatro valdoca – co-production teatro valdoca e officina valdoca, festival delle colline torinesi, associazione demetra