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In 2009 Opera started working with the painter Pierluca Cetera, kicking off with a production entitled Limit, the object of which was to theatricalize painting, take it beyond a stage prop, optical illusion or decoration, and make it a player, a purveyor of nagging questions asked in a world of sights, sounds and gestures, where painted figures and live performers compose a dialog of shapes and meanings. 
Limit studies strife, both physical and creative. Like the witches of Macbeth, three figures conjure the archetype of the King, etched in violence and the struggle to survive. The pure essence of animals is seen in the movement of performers. 
Credit again to painting, which nudges us to rethink light from the standpoint of cinematic set lighting and film editing. 
The relationship between painting, filmmaking and theater starts here. It is the focus of a subsequent work, Sleep.
concept, direction, scenes, lights vincenzo schino – with marta bichisao, riccardo capozza, gaetano liberti - stagecraft emiliano austeri – original composition federico dal pozzo - painting pierluca cetera – plastic effects leonardo cruciano workshop - organization marco betti - production teatro valdoca - support associazione armunia