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The Japanese ideogram denoted by the word MA is a special type of aesthetical sensitivity, portrayed as empty space, silence or the motionlessness of objects. 
MA#museum keys on the separateness of bodies as that which validates space for dialogue, and it muses on the changes 
Technology and handy work figure into the stagecraft, generating a delicate, intimate type of space, being in which satisfies the essential condition for listening.
Dance interacts with an array of mobile sculptures, virtual and wire-figure, and with projected sound and light. 
Sound is picked up directly from the movement of objects and sent back as a live electronic stream.
The choreography develops inside and outside of two cube-like structures, one full and the other empty.
The dance pets and draws in the public. Within a safe-zone delimited by the performance, time is suspended.
concept and choreoraphy marta bichisao - scenes and lights vincenzo schino - original sound composition  federico ortica - with alessandro bedosti, marta  bichisao stagecraft  emiliano austeri, scenography vincenzo schino - video paul harden e grazia genovese - organization marco betti - production opera, crt milano/centro ricerche teatrali - support indisciplinarte/terni festival, associazione demetra/centro di palmetta