Taglio foto ma teatro


“One morning we hiked along a path through the woods. We got to the top of a hill, took in the dawn and the mist. And we breathed”.
MA#theater is focused on the origin of movement and empty space, done with language that is spare and abstract. 
The layout and the lines that describe its geometry and volume, come into contact with theatrical machinery and the choreography of a female figure. 
Set design and dancing interact, energizing the movement of hanging sculptures, producing a continuous energy flow across animate and inanimate subjects. 
Choreography, shared musical scores and light dynamics spin off unexpected, real-time events.
The overall objective is achieving a walk-through of suspended time and rarefied matter.
MA#theater is yet a gentle place of waiting, quiet and burgeoning light.
concept, choreography and dance marta bichisao - scenes and lights vincenzo schino - original composition and live electronics federico ortica - stagecraft antonio rinaldi, vincenzo schino - poetrical traces florinda fusco - choreographic assistent simona zaccagno - production opera e crt milano/ centro ricerche teatrali with the support of indisciplinarte/ terni festival, associazione demetra/centro di palmetta, fibre parallele teatro