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What does it mean to stay on stage? To answer this question Opera starts from theatre’s origins and calls forth, like ghosts, all the main traditional characters of the theatre and of the art. They are universal figures, as the Clown or Harlequin, who bring audience out of the fiction’s spaces, as theatre’s proscenium or circus’ ring, heading towards a new interpretation, a new way of looking at the tradition with the aim of bringing a new life at traditional images. Opera is a show born in 2006 and the company decided to take the same name of the show because it contains the starting elements of a language and a research that developed by years. Opera is a manifesto show of the company. 
concept, direction, scenes, costumes, lights vincenzo schino - with marta bichisao, riccardo capozza, gaetano liberti, vincenzo schino – direction assistant marta bichisao – sound engineering luca fusconi – digital sound processing gennaro mele – arlecchino’s costume michele napoletano – plastic effects leonardo cruciano workshop – recorded voice gabriella damascelli –organization and promotion emanuela dallagiovanna – production teatro valdoca/progetto officina valdoca, giuseppe schino