operetta 3

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The four Operettas – 0, 1, 2, 3 – overhaul theatrical figures of folk tradition. Archetypes are cut away from their original context and played as icons, bearers of primordial energy, instruments of contact with the human mind.
Each Operetta experiments with a different optical membrane. Different lens sizes and lens deformities build the spectator’s intimacy with the scene. The performers put themselves on display, like freaks in a freak show. Playfulness with skewed reality is the driver in these pieces, which spawned our following production Voilà.
concept, direction, scenes, lights vincenzo schino – with marta bichisao, riccardo capozza, gaetano liberti – choreography marta bichisao - stagecraft emiliano austeri - sound engineering luca fusconi - costumes morena bagattini – plastic effects leonardo cruciano workshop – co-production teatro valdoca e officina valdoca, associazione demetra